BIW - Jigs & Fixture Design

BIW - Jigs & Fixture Design Using CATIA V5

(Course Duration 200 Hrs)


Body in White (B.I.W.) - Welded sheet parts that form the vehicle’s structure to which the various components are going to assemble. In the Car Industry, BIW is a common term used in Weld Shop and its sheet body before getting to the paint shop.

BIW Fixture Design includes the study and understanding of the process design, 3D Concept design, simulation, modification, 3D finish, and 2d drafting with Indian and German standards. The program emphasizes further the Fixtures, Grippers, Clamping Units, Locating Units.

The course also gives an exposure to the automotive industry standards, Design & Manufacturing methodology briefly for the fresh Engineer to enter the industry confidently. The training is going to be on software Catia for 3D Modeling, Assembly, BOM, 2D Drafting. The training is to be completed with projects.

The curriculum is designed with an introduction to Fixture Design basics to advanced design. The design of the fixture is vital to the effective utilization of machine tools. Basics of fixture design, if not executed correctly leads to inadequate productivity & quality problems.

Set-up time and cycle time reduction, increased accuracy on components, deskilling the work setting operation are the apparent advantages of an honest fixture.

A complete process of fixture design is going to be administered from concept to end design. All Pre-design steps like required design input, process planning, conceptualization(3D Design), 3D modeling of parts and assembly, cycle time estimation, POKA YOKE, and validation using CAD tools, and making the manufacturing drawings. Design for Accuracy, Manufacturing, and Assembly are going to be addressed during the course. It will be a profoundly interactive and hands-on practice session and incorporates the entire 360° view on fixture design features.